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Polestar is a Sino-Swedish automotive brand jointly owned by Volvo Car Group and its parent company Geely. It is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden with production taking place in Chengdu, China. The company develops electric performance cars and offers performance hardware upgrades and engine software optimisations for Volvo models through their Polestar Engineered division.

Back on 2014 a former employee wrote a review saying it was super boring to work at Polestar, posted by Indeed: worst job i have ever had. long hours and doing the same thing every day stood in the same spot.


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"They don't care about you. Work for 24 hrs for them still they will say you don't work. They will show as if they care about you but they don't."

Current Employee - Consultant says

"Ah, it's going to be a long list, so first things first. 1. People are hired on random basis and not on the basis of requirements. High probability that you may have to spend a lot of time on bench before you get a project ( if you're really lucky) 2. No professionalim, peers mostly don't know how to talk in a professional manner. The so called seniors will insult you Infront of everyone in the ODC instead of give one on one feedback. 3. They just keep on training you on every BI tool and you actually get to work on none. Many folks are on bench since they've joined the organisation and mind you they were lateral hires mostly from MNCs and not Freshers. 4. If you're coming here from an MNC, this is definitely not the place for you. Most of the lateral hires from the MNCs are regretting their choice of joining this organisation. 5. And ofcource since it's a small organisation so favouritism is at its peak. Managers just can't take the feedbacks against their favourites. With all this said and done, I've always considered the places where I've studied and work as my temple. This is for the first time I'm saying something negative about my workplace. But this has to be said. This is the worst career decision that I've taken till date."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"leave your personal life to join this company."


"1. Just 15 leaves in total for the entire year including casual, sick leave, earned leave and all. 2. Employees can be treated as the client wishes 3. Bad appraisal policy 4. HR is more like your boss, they never listen to you apart from your resignation interview 5. Not good for senior staff since no work life balance 6. Worst HR policies - leaves reduced to zero when you resign, if you want a leave for the next 90 days it'll mean that you will have to increase your notice period. Company kind of takes revenge in a way when you resign."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No management as unqualified upper management and supervisors are literally 3rd class"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Pathetic work culture , most of the people their have stayed as this is their first job and are in 2 yrs bond and have not seen any other organisation work culture . Don't know if bond is illegal but still its prevailing here."

Current Employee - Developer says

"Work for 12-14 hours still they are not happy 7 days working with no benefit Salary shown and received are different Bond of 2 years No HR systems fools are running HR No respect for anyone Suffocating atmosphere Senior Junior Dont join this company they play with people"

Current Employee - Business Analyst says

"Bond money-2lakh for 2 years Work on obselete technologies-qlik hard to switch job"

Former Employee - Analyst says

"There are no proper hr policies /staff. They are only looking for money. No one cares about employees. Very less leaves. No perks."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Whether you're fresher or experience, good college or bad college, avoid this company, you'll not be cut by your parts, but will be grated till you're shredded. - They will look like they're hiring some of the best guys, but those person will now be into the slavery. - If you don't believe personally ask their current employees before taking any further steps. - If you're fresher and seriously need a job for any reason, try to learn some backend (nodejs or django) and frontend(reactjs or angular) or android, and you'll find the job easily. - At the end, it's your life and your decision, and your precious time into slavery of two years with some dumb people and dumb management. - Still want to have job at this company go ahead, and in future you'll be adding reviews like me, one with the HR sitting next to you in the office and the other one will be honest review from your home. - There is no pros. all is cons."

General Operative (Former Employee) says

"typical day/night was a 12.5hr shift with no breaks working under extreme stress on very poorly maintained machinery. the senior management/mangers were very poor.Machines breaking down no breaks-eating where we worked poor health and safety standards no managers on night shift.There are 12 hours shifts, what are wery hard. You have to stand and walk and lift all day. Sometimes 10-12 kg bundles, 2-3 in a minute to place to the insert machine. They did not explain well, how to do the job properly ( the agency I worked for)noneeveryting"

Fork Lift Truck Driver (Former Employee) says

"worst job i have ever had. long hours and doing the same thing every day stood in the same spot"

Pre press technician (Former Employee) says

"A high pressure place to work never knowing when the factory would close or be made redundant. Shift work of days and nights which is difficult. The staff were mostly professional and a credit to the company.nonepoor management"

No.1 Machine Minder (Former Employee) says

"typical day/night was a 12.5hr shift with no breaks working under extreme stress on very poorly maintained machinery. the managers tried their best but their hands were tied by very poor senior management. my co-workers worked very hard under trying circumstances and we were a good team. the frustration of not being able to do my job properly was very difficult. clocking out was the most enjoyable part of the job.wages were very goodlong shifts, nights, only 12 days holiday, worked bank holidays, etc etc"

Warehouse Person (Current Employee) says

"In the absence of the supervisor i am required to cover his position, which includes sorting the load list and creating space in the warehouse for all loads incoming that day. Have old stock brought to the front to ensure proper stock rotation, and making sure that new locations are logged on the press halls schedule sheets. Also truck checks and failure reports if and when needed, liaising with the ordering clerks to ensure smooth running of the warehouse through the coming weeks. Stock checks and reorganisation of stock.hours, low pay rate, weekend work"

Warehouse Operative (Former Employee) says

"polestar was not a bad place to work the only downside was the agencies with whom they worked such as GI Group who gave a zero hour contract but then they didn't give any shifts they were always cancelling shifts therefore i ended up not working, having no income and bills pilling up all in all i ended up in nearly 3,000 pounds worth of dept which is why i do not agree with zero hour contracts but i do stress that i do not have anything bad to say about polestar themselves just the agencies who provide the contracts.great team of people to work withlong hours"

Logistics Operator (Former Employee) says

"To make sure that product was ready in time and put onto the correct trailer to be despatched. Also to reduce costs were ever possible within our department.A Good working teamProduct not been ready in time"

reel hand on web 8 press (Former Employee) says

"was a good job at the start management run it in to the ground now colchester branch closed down,we was working a 12 hour shift a month for freeshort working weekslong hours, working a 12 hour shift for free"

Printer assistant (Current Employee) says

"No one cares about people who work there. No possibilities to get training even after 10 years of working there. Need better management.Management, no breaks."

MAC/Pre Press Operator (Current Employee) says

"Working to tight schedules regarding producing work in a small department of 6 co-workers. I have a departmental manager i report to each shift and two supervisors during full week but mostly left alone to get on with job in hand. The hardest part about my job is keeping a keen eye for detail during each 12hr shift as a big part of what i do is quality control and crucial being last area before final print. The most important part of my job is when we get a big customer and i'm given the responsibility to check and ok, and then to see final work produced and sent out for the public to see.Shift work, so days off goodworking conditions not great anymore"

Warehouse Operative (Former Employee) says

"not enough shifts they would text day before to tell you if you had work or not and sometimes never got a shift could end up with one day a weekGood work mateslong 12 hour shifts"

FLT Driver (Former Employee) says

"driving fork lift truck in a buzzy magazine factory taking pallet loads to be wrapped ready for loading on to lorrys to be distributed to places across the country.4 on 4 offlong shifts"

Event manager at PR & Com (Former Employee) says

"Ett ungt företag som växer väldigt fort och har stora visioner."

General Operative (Former Employee) says

"The company was not too bad, really enjoyed working there. It was the agency that used to let it down. promising shifts weekly and not sticking to it.long hours"

Picker PAcker (Former Employee) says

"I learned picking and packing, teamwork, concentration, punctuality. But if you don't have a contract you have a part time job, it's very bad."

Counterbalance Flt Driver (Former Employee) says

"Firm no longer operational.13 week contract terminated.Good work experience.Poor future job prospects.Amicable work colleagues,both Polestar staff and G.I.Group staff."

Loader/Unloader (Former Employee) says

"I've got a lot back from working at Polestar. In all it was a good place to work because they took care of new starters and guided them in the right directiongreat staff to work withnot run correctly at the top"

general operative (Current Employee) says

"ive learned a lot while ive been here, ive learned to run the machinery on lines, ive leaned how to feed newspapers and magazines ect into the machine, but its not full time its agency an im looking for full time work."

Warehouse Operative (Former Employee) says

"A typical day a work the hardest part of the job was learning new skills that was out of my reach, I really enjoyed work with the people i worked for ."

Warehouse Operative/ Fork Lift Truck Driver (Current Employee) says

"mainly driving a counterbalance fork lift truck doing various duties including the loading and unloading of wagons and supplying the press and bindery with various products for them to carry out production.good team worklong hours"

Roderick says

"You can only buy a Polestar alike shopping @ Amazon, however, once paid you will be left in the dark by Polestar. Their CS is shambolic. No response to emails, they call with hidden numbers and worst... The entire order to delivery process is digital, thus the portal is key for any nmew Polestar owner. I was asked to make my own Polestar web ID, for them to link my car in the portal. But I've never seen anything on the portal because my car wasn't linked to my account. They just called me that I can collect my car next week and they promised me that someone would call me to link my car to my ID. Not.... my phone has gone very quiet. This great car comes with no customer service, be prepared."

Asim says

"If you are wondering to buy a polestar, calculate yourself extra good time for every single miner thing to get done, even the response from them will take ages. When they finally response, they will try to run away the problem. I have waited for this vehicle for almost two years, but really consider to get rid of it"

Steve Ellis says

"After ordering a car months ago and the delivery date changing 3 times...still no car and no indication from Polestar as to when it will be with me. Communication from them is poor, its not a great start from a new car company. Makes me very nervous about having this car for the next few years..."

Paul Johnson says

"I’ve tried to book a test drive for over four months now and every time I’ve been sent an email to say they are available, there’d are never any available immediately I get the email Very frustrating indeed and no test drives near Lincolnshire at all, have to travel for hours and miles for a test drive . . . I respond from the company either and recent Facebook page had a link to test drive bookings that was not right either 👎🏻 I was sent a link from Facebook by a polestar representative and filled the form out twice and still didn’t work and got an error message after filling in my details again , even though you have them 😟. . . . Then error message when at final stage to book 😡 . . . If this is the level of service and time it takes to get any response, the I’m going else where as plenty of other car companies would like my custom Absolutely shambolick and this is before they have taken any money . . . . How hard is it try and buy a car today 👎🏻 I’d better try Tesla then Awful customer service 👎🏻"

Stuart Fitzgerald says

"Amazing car. Horrific ordering process and handover. The car is great. Everything else is a nightmare. I understand that new businesses with new processes go through teething problems, but what I've experienced is incredibly poor. If this experience is limited to the actual buying (who would have thought someone could make it so difficult to buy a car!) then I'd suggest taking a deep breath and perservering. If the ongoing customer support and servicing is as shambolic as my experience to date, I would strongly suggest avoiding the car."

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